Meet our dynamic, multicultural team! 

Combretum is made up of a team of strong-willed individuals who share a passion for education, dynamic teaching, lifelong learning and self improvement. Our team is made up of people of different ages, backgrounds, specialties and belief systems, who each bring their own unique experiences and influences into the classroom. This, we feel contributes to the development of worldly, tolerant, self-confident students. 

The Management Team

Director and founder, Mrs. Sue Brown.
Principal, Ms. Ndina Uushona.
Head of Senior Secondary, Ms. Laura-Anne Rainey.
Head of Junior Secondary, Mr. Bruce Buchanan

The Teaching Staff

Our team of teachers who are responsible for the education of our junior and senior secondary learners, both full and part time teachers. 

The Support Staff 

No business runs without the tireless work that takes place behind the scene. We wouldn't be able to do it without Me. Hannah Hidinua, Me.  Claudia and Tate Johannes Johannes.