Meet our dynamic, multicultural team! 

Combretum is made up of a team of strong-willed individuals who share a passion for education, dynamic teaching, lifelong learning and self improvement. Our team is made up of people of different ages, backgrounds, specialties and belief systems, who each bring their own unique experiences and influences into the classroom. This, we feel contributes to the development of worldly, tolerant, self-confident students. 

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Founder and Director

Susan Brown started the Combretum Educational Trust in 2001 and the Combretum Trust School in 2004. She has over 35 years of experience in education.

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The Management Team

Funmi Ajayi, Vice-Principal, Bruce Buchanan, Head of Junior Secondary, and Laura-Anne Rainey, Principal

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The Face of Combretum

Judy Molini-Hidinua, our friendly receptionist and the first point-of-call at Combretum


The Teaching Team 

Our multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-generational teaching team are the heart of our organisation.

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The Support Team 

The team keeping everything looking good, and running smoothly, our hard working support staff; Johannes Dipilashimwe, Hanna Hidinua and Klaudia Shangheta