Our Vision

Our vision is to To enable young people to understand the world around them as well as their own potential, and to develop this potential so that they can mature into competent and fulfilled adults who can make a positive difference to this world and to their country as it develops.

Combretum Trust School exists to give hands on experience of educational challenges faced in post-apartheid Namibia and to look for solutions to these challenges by practicing an accessible admissions policy allowing opportunities for children from all financial and educational backgrounds to obtain quality education in small classes with quality teachers. 



Why Combretum?

Combretum Trust School is an independent school in Windhoek, offering quality, no-frills education, which centres around independent thought, dynamic teaching, and positive discipline. We have a school which has a strong culture of care and sense of identity. Combretum students are critical, open minded, self motivated and tolerant. 

Our classes are small, and our teaching style is engaging, motivating and contemporary. We encourage group work, projects, and practical activities. We also encourage our learners to think for themselves, ask questions, speak out and command respect. 

We do not seek out only the most academic, most athletic and most high achieving learners. We believe that character is what counts and that our unique style of teaching brings out the best in students, even those without perfect track-records.